Gökhan Gençtürk

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    Gökhan Gençtürk holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Yıldız Technical University in 1995 and an MBA from İstanbul University in 1996. He has also participated in Global Business Management, International Finance Management, Change and Technology Management programs at the University of California.

    Gökhan Gençtürk, who started his 24-year career as Project Manager in Siemens Nixdorf, respectively, Business Development Manager at Siemens Business Services, Sales Manager at Siemens Information Technology Services and Services, Corporate Sales Director at Fujitsu Technology Solutions and just before joining Qmark for the last 6 years, he used to work as Corporate Sales and Operations Assistant General Manager responsible for managing a total of 100 people at Xerox. Gökhan Gençtürk, who has carried out successful projects in many companies and organizations operating in the private sector and the Public Sector, has been awarded many times by the regional management of the respective companies he worked for, due to these successes.

    In order to adapt to constantly changing market conditions, he played an important role in the area of team building and development, goal setting, performance management, as well as sales and operational improvement. He also has experience in areas such as market/customer segmentation, product positioning, pricing strategies and how to cope with the competition.

    Gökhan Gençtürk, who believes in the power of continuous change and development, believes that companies can reach sustainable success only with the continuous investments that they will make for the development of their employees.